GEEC & EGSC Presents: Headshot Session for Electrical Engineering Students

GEEC and EGSC present the professional headshot session on April 18th. Please RSVP and attend our event between 1:00 - 4:00pm at MUDD 1300. A professional photographer will be taking the photos. Due to high demand, you will be assigned to a specific time slot so please be on time.

If tickets sell out but you would like to attend the session, please note that the waitlist is limited to 15 people. If you are on the waitlist, we will only allow people to line up from 3:30-4:00pm and we will do our best to accommodate. Thank you!

Please only RSVP for this ticket if you can attend the corresponding time slot. Please note that due to high demand and our goal to provide quality photos, this time slot may go over, however, we will do our best to say within the time slot.

The time slots are as follows:


If we are ahead of schedule, we will allow for people on the waitlist to start lining up at 3:30 PM. however, we cannot guarantee a photo to those on the waitlist.

April 16, 2019